HELLO and thanks for visiting.

I began my college study at the University of Wisconsin Center at Barron County in 1974, continued at UW La Crosse and later in the graduate program at the Universiy of Minnesota in Minneapolis, where I studied painting and ceramics.

As you can see from the galleries, I use a variety of materials and working philosophies depending upon the requirements of the job at hand. When I'm working on painted constructions or contemporary ceramic pieces, I experiment with perception - blending two dimensions with three and breaking up the traditional "window" of western painting tradition. When I'm working with a client on a portrait or commercial project, on the other hand, the objective becomes one of creating the best possible solution for the target audience. Collaborating to find the style and materials that will be most successful is of the utmost importance.

Have you got a job requiring a creative approach? Let's talk about it. Give me a call, or drop me an email.